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Jordi Cortés - In Heaven (c) Víctor NavarroWow, where to begin? I think it would be easier to say what wasn’t in this performance! Tonight, Jordi Cortes performed In Heaven, which had been translated from Spanish to English, the third part of the trilogy of Lucky and Happy Hour. In this performance Jordi was exploring further personality types after finding his metaphorical heaven.

I found the piece to be so varied right from the beginning. What I enjoyed the most was the light humour that ran through the piece, opening with signed photographs by the man himself! Then quickly moving on to a humorous take on the theatrics of performance following a brief talk to the audience, then jumping to the literal stripping down of the artist, into a pair of red tights and a pig mask. Whilst in said pig mask and tights (and barley concealed red thong) he showed his more erotic side by using dance moves of an exotic dancer (reminded me of the the dancer from the proposal?) and slowly becoming more darker and the movements more jagged which was a really interesting combination paired with the pig mask.

This then moved on to a brief nod to the Chinese waving cat using isolated hand movements moving around the golden cat, with what he described as an intense moment that he said had to be remedied by a sing along with audience participation!

My favourite moment by far was when Wendy Houstoun joined Jordi on stage for an impromptu improvisation and reminiscing of previous performance’s that were re-enacted by two helpful members of the audience. Another moment of audience participation was the zipping up of a metallic skin tight green dress that would be paired with a megaphone and one earring. However,what I found the most interesting was the layering of his projected self over his real self, the blend of the live and the digital was an amazing effect that added to the spectacle and the amazement of the performance and was a fantastic high to finish on. 

Connie Stockill
Juncture Young Blogger

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