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Dancing with your Neighbours (c) Tom GowanlockWith this informal showing from Yorkshire Dance Youth; Dancing With Your Neighbours is inspired by Annoying the Neighbours by Louise Wallinger, including extracts of movement that were developed with choreographer Anthony Middleton as well as a short film that includes interviews with the neighbours of the dancers.

The piece takes a different look at Leeds and its people in one of Leeds’ less well-off areas. As someone who is from the south there are things about Leeds that I have not experienced before and this film shone a light onto these. I’m used to being closed off from my neighbours in a mainly white British area, whereas the film shows community and multi ethnicity.

Following the film there was a Q and A session with the dancers featured in the film to try and find out more about the dancers as people and there view on their connection with dance and the community. After the performance to carry on the community theme cake was eaten and people takes to the neighbours featured in the film.

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