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Jordi Cortes (c) Andy Wood

Jordi Cortes (c) Andy Wood

I went into the theatre with a very open mind… But didn’t expect half of the things that I saw and experienced. When Jordi Cortes began to speak, he was very natural in the way he spoke to the audience and in many ways humorous. Then he began. I mean, he did dance and perform… but not in the way I was expecting.

After I left the auditorium my mind was baffled and going crazy after seeing Jordi on stage dressed as a pig with high heels and red tights… in a red sparkly thong… as a wolf and then a naked wolf… in a very jazzy tight Lycra green shimmery top ‘thing’… in a suit… and NAKED with Jordi holding up a small Chinese cat to cover his private parts!!!

WHAT HAS JUST GONE ON? was my immediate reaction when the house lights came up around 1 hour and 45 minutes later! I was making notes through the performance about what I was going to write about on this blog but then on my drive back to Barnsley after the performance I told myself I was going to scrap what I had jotted down during the performance and tell people how crazy and baffling and random and bizarre the performance by Jordi Cortes really was.

But WOW… I loved every single second of this crazy artist’s performance!!

Laura Kaye
Juncture Young Blogger

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