Yorkshire Dance announces the Juncture Fellows

Hannah Buckley - Carlos Pons Guerra - Sophie UnwinAs part of Juncture 2014, curated by Wendy Houstoun, Yorkshire Dance is delighted to have appointed three artists as Juncture Fellows; Hannah Buckley, Carlos Pons Guerra and Sophie Unwin

The Juncture Fellowship is a period of personal research and dialogue to take place over the course of the festival in March 2014. It is designed to encourage the analysis of work, increase critical awareness, to test drive ideas in short sharings and to provide opportunities for continuing conversations and feedback with Wendy Houstoun and other artists taking part in Juncture.

Hannah, Carlos and Sophie submitted proposals which articulated clear questions they are asking about their own practice. They will work with or alongside each other to research and develop an idea or piece of work as a ‘mini-commission’ funded by Yorkshire Dance.

They will also present a private sharing of their work at the end of Juncture, and reflect on their experience throughout the festival on this blog and through other social media.

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