What It Is To Be a Dancer

immigrants and animals - Laura Laura Double Penetrationby Ellie Scott
Young Comms Team

immigrants and animals
Laura Laura Double Penetration

The idea of giving a framework for a performance to so-called non-dancers is, I can image, both a scary thought but also quite exciting. The concept of this work is so amazing and interesting, and draws attention towards bodies in dance, social interactions and dance skills and technique. It was a performance where I literally felt the vibe of not caring about using the feminine body in a way where I personally questioned what is it to be female and why society is so defined to a gender.

I was enthralled by the music, the movement and the faces of both the ‘non-dancers’ and the original duet. This therefore raised another question not only about femininity, but about what it is to be a dancer; I could have watched the performance with just the non-dancers and been extremely satisfied, but to get the contrast it showed me more of a openness to dance and a willingness to express art in so many ways. Not only did I ask myself what it was to be a dancer, but also a performer and a singer and simply just what it meant to be part of something. This therefore led me back to gender roles within society having to put us into a ‘group’, a gender type if you will. I loved the shared ideas and relationships between the bodies on stage, making this a clear protest and image of what it is to be feminine in performance.


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