What Dances Have I Danced

Quarantine - Wallflower - behind the set (c) Ellie Scott

A few of the 1000+ dances which have been remembered by the cast

by Ellie Scott
Young Comms Team


When I walked into the performance space, straight away I was greeted with fun, boldness and personal energy. I walked in not expecting anything as I wanted to enter with no expectations or limits to where it was going to take me. I feel I went on a personal journey with the performers, they took me through parts of their lives where I was able to join them through dance, and also match their experiences or memories of dances with mine.

If somebody doesn’t have a clue what I’m talking about right now, Quarantine by Wallflower is a performance where the performers are asked to remember every dance they had ever danced. It is such an open, honest and personal show as the performers are sat within the audience and only come out to speak and dance when they want to. The guy who controls the music is also sat on stage being prompted to find a track when they need it and from that we can see the image of what they are trying to create for us.

There was such a lovely piece in the performance where one of the performers talks about a party she went to with her family and recreates the atmosphere, talking about the people and the music which was playing accompanied with the dance. I found this so real and I literally felt as though I was with her. This performance was so relatable and real, throughout they were honest with the audience, the performance wasn’t ‘perfect’ – for example, if the music requested by one of the performers couldn’t be found, there was a conversation and it was changed on the spot.

The moments of silence for me were used to think about a similar memory in my life, to relate to the stories and to feel the emotion behind the dances. During the closing sequence they put the final piece of music on and they started the disco ball spinning, all the performers were just on lookers like me, I found this to be the time I really sat back and thought about my life, where I was going and what dances have I danced and the dances that were to come in the future.

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