The Collective and the Individual

Juncture 2016 - Young Comms Team - Ellie Scott (c) Yorkshire Danceby Ellie Scott
Young Comms Team

We Know That Everybody Dances

a workshop with Nicola Conibere

Where do I begin with this workshop? Nicola Conibere’s workshop wasn’t anything like I’d expected; to be honest I went in there with an open mind and with aspirations of what I’d read about her pervious work. I understood that she worked with exchanges of bodies and social choreography, so this was something which I had hoped I would learn from her when walking in the room.

Not only did I learn so much physically through processes of devising through the body, but also through how the space felt and placings of materials in the room. Also towards the end of the workshop we spent a while talking about the themes which we had discovered in it, and how we would then go on to articulate them in an intellectual way.

Nicola gave me so much insight into social boundaries and task-based learning and creating. She used movement tasks to break down barriers of social norms or socialization between two bodies within a space; instead of telling somebody your name you would share a space and object with them.

Why was this so entertaining and interesting, you might be thinking? Well, personally, I feel as a University student, I sometimes find it very difficult to articulate the meaning behind work or to gain a starting point to then go on and create a piece of work. Nicola gave us the opportunity to listen and gain understanding and get to grips with our bodies in a neutral space.

The theme within this work shop came about through our tasks; we, as a group, gave it sort of an overall name, ‘The collective and the individual.’ I don’t want to say too much about how or why this occurred, because hopefully this blog post has inspired you to take a workshop with Nicola Conibere, and then you can explore the space and your own body to find new interpretations and connotations.

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