Swarming Through The Tetley

Juncture 2016 - Lucy Suggate - Swarm Sculptures (c) Yorkshire Danceby Melanie McCabe
Young Comms Team

Lucy Suggate
Swarm Sculptures

Swarm – a fluid, durational piece. I found that I was mesmerised by the way in which the performers’ bodies came together, becoming a pulsing mass before peeling away.

The work moved throughout The Tetley in parts, rather than being isolated in a single space. The audience could move with it, or stay and wait for its possible return, processing what they’d just witnessed in its absence. I had just left to type up some other work, and found myself re-encountering the piece as it moved into the bar’s walkway. Somehow, the piece wasn’t invading in its approach. Instead, its calming, seamless nature felt fitting and non-disruptive.

This improvised work was accessible for both the wide-range of performers, and for the audience. It wasn’t a work you had to ‘understand’ to process, unless you had the inclination to seek out the choreographer. I had a discussion with one particular gentleman where we wondered what a ‘crowd’ was. Personally, I think of a crowd as something chaotic, and much more intense than the coming together of these humans… this was certainly a Swarm… it’s something difficult to articulate so I suggest you see another version for yourself.

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