Stories for Charlotte

Juncture – Day 4
Thu 8 Mar

Motherland participantsCharlotte Vincent, Ruth Ben Tovim of Encounters, and members of Vincent Dance Theatre have been in the studio since Monday, beginning work on the development of their new piece, Motherland.

Vincent Dance Theatre’s website tantalises us with this:

Welcome to Generation X – women born late 60s and 70s, hungry for choice and change, swallowing second wave feminism like the sweet, sweet promise of freedom it appeared to be. Welcome to 2012 where surgically enhanced women are throwing feminism back up like a bitter sweet pill, tied up in knots, still earning less, still not in power and still hitting the glass ceiling with an audible thud.

Motherland is a female focused, inter-generational work involving children, young, mid-career and mature performers and will be devised through a series of interventions, critical debates and choreographic residencies involving the general public in venues across the UK. This new middle scale production explores the myth of ‘having it all’ and asks – as women have we been sold an impossible dream?

Today the company has been working with a number of Yorkshire Dance stalwarts – people over the age of 55 who attend our weekly Bold Moves creative class. They’ve been helping Charlotte, Ruth and the rest to explore exciting new ways of drawing real stories from real people as part of the creative process.

We collared a couple of them as they left the studio earlier today, to see how they felt it had gone.

One said, “I felt it was emotionally challenging. At times I felt out of my comfort zone, but it stretched me and made me think. At times I was surprised at what I thought. Charlotte and the rest generated an atmosphere of trust which made it easier to be honest, emotionally. I enjoyed it!”

Another told us, “It made me think more about personal and emotional issues – how to translate feelings into words, and how to use different materials, like stones, sand and wood to express our feelings.”

And tomorrow the company works with a group of teenagers from Outwood Academy in Leeds.

Intriguing, no? Sadly, you’ll have to wait until the autumn tour to find out how this develops into a new piece of dance theatre. But we think it’s going to be well worth the wait…

VDT Motherland workshop


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