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The Two Wrongies
World of Wrong

What can I say about The Two Wrongies? The world of wrong unearths our ridiculously silly side we so readily hide, I laughed until my stomach hurt! I happened to watch their performance last year in Edinburgh so it was interesting to see World of Wrong in a much more intimate setting, intimate being the word of choice! Although I knew what to expect it was rather humerous to see open mouthed faces and hear a variety of chortles happening throughout the audience, together lunging forward into the mad world of the wrongies.  Nude synchronised swimming and public lunging have never been funnier. The Two Wrongies play with hilarity as a mode to transcend the gaze, and give a beautifully ‘wrong’ performance in the process.

Antonia Grove
in Wendy Houstoun’s

Small Talk

An assortment of wigs, a rendition of Beyonce and a hell of a lot of humorous, unpredictable and commanding texts, movement and song were rolled into Small Talk. An engaging and intimate solo delving into the world of a B movie actress , illustrating the difficulties involved in performing a ‘role’.  It was wonderful to see Wendy Houston’s definite style popping up in moments throughout the performance, uniting with the incredible and communicative Antonia Grove. I am a huge lover of Houstoun’s work, speaking of personal experience, modern culture, age and more, Small Talk was wonderfully captivating and poignant.


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