Seeing to be Seen and Unseen

Quarantine workshop - 26 Oct 2016 (c) Melanie McCabeby Melanie McCabe
Young Comms Team

We Know That Everybody Dances

a workshop with Jo Fong & Richard Gregory (Quarantine)

A work of seeing to be seen and unseen. Simultaneously complex and simple in the same instance. How is it that you can be present, absent and invisible in a space? How is it that we can see each other but not ourselves? How can we, possibly as a group (or, perhaps as a society) linger and mingle together, whilst ensuring that we are not seen as what we are, but simply as what we are perceived to be?

This was the workshop I’ve just experienced with Jo and Richard in preparation for their performance of Wallflower later this week. Walking through space, stopping and starting without direct instruction and just feeling. Laughter in eye contact. Coming together as artists, movers and non-movers and looking. Demanding each other to stare into their reflection, or stamping their feet when walking to ensure they are heard…

Interesting, moving and self-reflective. A piece that looks into itself so deeply that you aren’t exposed to it, but instead you are exposed to yourself. Don’t just consider this… see it.

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