Robert M Hayden

Robert M Hayden (c) Robert M HaydenActor, dancer, composer, director, choreographer.

Robert began his professional formation as a competitive gymnast in 1978 continuing until 1994. In 1992 he enrolled in the BFA Program of Theatre and Dance at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, USA.

Since then, as an actor, dancer, composer, and teacher, his work has been influenced by many people. Among the most notable include collaborations with the Albuquerque-based theatre group q-Staff, Utopia Danza-Teatro, Ultima Vez, Chorea Theatre Association, David Hykes & the Harmonic Presence Foundation, Gardzienice Center for Theatre Practices, Teatr Zar & the Grotowski Institute, and the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards.

In 2002 he moved to Brussels to join the dance company Ultima Vez and for the past 11 years continues to regularly give workshops and classes both in Belgium and abroad. He is currently based in Brussels, Belgium.

In 2011 his Oratorium Dance Project was the Winner for Best Cultural Event in Poland for 2011 and the Golden Mask Award for Theatre.

Current Work/Research

What is the ‘sound signature’ of a human being, or of the space in which he/she interacts with?  Can we both sing and be sung at the same time?

Buried at the heart and source of every action is an impulse.  This invisible and almost imperceptible signal is dictated often by habitual patterns and conventional codes of learned behavior.  This renders our actions ‘re-actions’ and, thus, over time become habit-patterns.

In order to find the essential in our actions, we sometimes must approach our work by process of elimination rather than accumulation. Such work requires an adept ability to listen on many levels and a willingness to eliminate all that does not serve us in our work. It is a sort of stripping away of life-masks that build up over time as we gain experience. The choice then is either to live in a state of perpetual sleep or to awaken to what is true and present both within and without.