Sara Lindström – Dancing On My Own

Sara Lindstrom - Dancing On My OwnWho we’re looking for: Absolutely anyone
What kind of people: Any kind, any age; no dance experience required
Filming dates: Sat 3 – Wed 7 Sep
Screening date: Sun 30 Oct
Payment: None

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Do you have a song you love to dance to? Would you like to take part in a dance film?

Filmmaker Sara Lindström is making a short film of people dancing to their favourite song. The film will take a look at why dancing to a song we love is so joyful. What and how you dance is up to you – it’s YOUR dance we’d like to film! Through simple creative tasks led by Sara you’ll be guided into moving in front of the camera and we will film your dance. Then we would like to do a short voice interview to find out a bit more about your relation to your chosen song.

We’ll need about an hour of your time, but if you’d like to come and dance with a friend or your whole family, we can schedule in more time.