immigrants and animals – Laura Laura Double Penetration

immigrants and animals - Laura Laura Double PenetrationWho we’re looking for: Two people, female-identified, aged 16+ who know each other but are not lovers or close relatives.
What kind of people: Any background, skill or ability – but not professional dancers.
Rehearsal dates: Mon 24, Tue 25 & Wed 26 Oct, times to be negotiated
Performance dates: Thu 27 Oct, 7.30pm & Sat 29 Oct, 7.00pm
Payment: £250 for each performer

Download more information and an application form here

Deadline for applications: Friday 2 September

Laura Laura is a dance performance for two, a fucked-up manifesto on gender based on research into female performers in pop music.

It is grounded in our love of music, our disgust at the promotion of oppressive stereotypes in mainstream culture used as a vehicle for systematic misogyny, and our belief in live performance as a potential site of resistance.

immigrants and animals are inviting two other people to join us in performing a double bill of Laura Laura entitled Laura Laura Double Penetration. We will spend some days together sharing the score (structure) of Laura Laura and our thoughts and motivations for the dances.