an invitation to collaborate

For more information about how YOU can participate in these extraordinary danceworks during our Juncture festival, click on any of the links below.

Lucy Suggate - Swarm Sculptures (c) Amy Sinead PhotographyLucy Suggate
Swarm Sculptures

A durational movement installation based around bodies constructing sculptural forms.

Who we’re looking for: 20-30 people aged 18+
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Sara Lindström - Dancing On My OwnSara Lindström
Dancing On My Own

Do you have a song that you love to dance to? Would you like to take part in a dance film?

Who we’re looking for: Absolutely anyone.
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Nicola Conibere - Assembly (c) Christian KippNicola Conibere

A long-running performance exploring the movements between our individual and collective bodies.

Who we’re looking for: Up to 20 people aged 15+
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immigrants and animals - Laura Laura Double Penetrationimmigrants and animals
Laura Laura Double Penetration

Two people are invited to learn the structure and the score and perform alongside immigrants and animals.

Who we’re looking for: Two people, female-identified, aged 16+ who know each other but are not lovers or close relatives.
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