On Isolation

Juncture 2016 - Talk - Place (c) Yorkshire Danceby Melanie McCabe
Young Comms Team

Talk: Place

After sitting in on the Politics talk I was looking forward to this… I felt much less anxious as I recognised people from the festival and appeared to be gradually being recognised. My feelings of isolation were beginning to diminish.

This talk was incredibly interesting in terms of discussing in-depth about where we’re from, and what that could mean to us and the work we create. One of the most important discussions was about whether or not we’re making work in order to make people feel proud of where they live, and whether or not you’re feasibly able to tour this kind of work; would it still be relevant to other places? How would they respond?

Further discussed was when an artist is a guest in a new place, and how it’s okay for them to feel initially isolated. And, how feeling isolation where you come from can be so much worse…

Then, the inevitable discussion of Brexit, and how it’s going to isolate this small island even more than ever in the international arts sector. Even now we don’t have the same freedom in the same way that main-land Europe does, and we’re drifting further and further away…

For artists (and non-artists alike), it’s a time of fear. But perhaps it will force us to look closer to home for inspiration, and make each other feel closer to more of our own cities… Let’s welcome each other with welcome arms. We’re going to need it.

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