Nicole Beutler

Nicole BeutlerNicole Beutler works with the tension between intense emotionality and cool calculation on the one hand and with the reflection on the history of theatre on the other hand. How do we look at emotions, what moves us and what doesn’t? And in how far does the past resonate through to the contemporary reality? Always in search for new forms, Nicole Beutler now also explores working with existing theatre texts.

In September 2010 Nicole Beutler received the prestigious VSCD Mime-Prize for 1: Songs, which has been selected for the Dutch and Flemish Theaterfestivals as one of the best productions of the season and has toured international festivals since its premiere in October 2009 in Amsterdam, in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Turkey, United States, Rumania, Switzerland. The work also crosses the boundary to the pop-culture with performances at big festivals such as Lowlands Biddinghuizen, Clashed Festival in Groningen and in pop-tempel Paradiso Amsterdam.