Fitzgerald and Stapleton - MINEby Melanie McCabe
Young Comms Team

Fitzgerald and Stapleton

Walking into a space and finding two slight, naked (other than socks and trainers) women on stage can sometimes be a shock to an audience member. I became quickly used to the ‘nakedness’ and actually found my judgement of myself more interesting than the work. Perhaps that’s what the intention was… perhaps not.

But throughout the work, whilst the ladies were performing simple, but intricate steps in tandem to each other, I found myself assessing their bodies and what I liked, or perhaps didn’t… It’s easy for us to want to be something that we are not. What I found most interesting is that I came out loving my body for what it is. It’s not, though, that I didn’t appreciate their bodies for what they were.

Simple changes in lighting and an injection of humour made sections to this piece entirely different to each other, and, therefore perhaps a little more interesting. But, for me, I came out confused; and I’m still not entirely sure what about.

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