Meet BrightFurnace

Juncture – Day 12
Friday 16 March

Here they are, then!

 BrightFurnace at Juncture 2012

(left to right) Alex Rowland, Harry Theaker, Katherine Hurdley (musician), Tina Murtagh, Tom Rowbottom, Sophie Arstall, Ellen Turner & Stewart Gibb-Lodge.

We interrupted BrightFurnace at a crucial moment in the rehearsal studio to drag them out for photographs, when we should have been leaving them alone to prepare for three things…

1. This afternoon they’re hosting a sharing & discussion event for anyone who’s interested in coming along, in which they’ll be talking about the concepts of Englishness and cultural identity which have informed their creation of The Traipse. They’ll also give you a sneak preview of the work itself!

2. Harry’s running an English Folk Dance Workshop on Sunday 18 March, 11am-2pm.

3. They’re going on tour at the end of the month! The most exhausting-looking week in folk dance history, surely, The Traipse sets off on Monday 26 March, visiting Barnsley, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Grimsby and ending at The Rapperlympics in London on Saturday 31 March. Find out where, precisely, and when you can hook with them at

We’re stocking up on blister-plasters and hi-energy drinks for them…



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