Lucy Suggate

Lucy Suggate (c) Olga GalonaLucy Suggate & The Bodyfarm emerged in 2009 as a vehicle for Lucy’s solo work. Lucy chooses mostly to work independently striving for autonomy and sustainability whilst reclaiming back the creative act into the arms of the artist.

Since 2010 Lucy’s solo work has been gaining recognition on the European Touring Scene.

Current areas of focus are researching into Choreography as an Extended Practice whilst emancipating Dance from traditional expectations of a moving body. To provide other artists with mentoring, to support them on the journey of making their best work. Striving for a a culture of Fair Trade Dance!

Excerpt of Mission Statement

The work aims to be original, intoxicating and humorous. Challenges existing notions of the performing body by redefining the norm. Committed to creating refreshing thought-provoking work through live performance. Dedicated to improving accessibility and appealing to new audiences whilst challenging the existing climate. We strive to present an alternative viewpoint. We want to be brave and most importantly engage.

“My dance work cultivates a choreographic playground that encourages the dancer to be present and articulate in thought and body. The work explores contemporary notions around virtuosity with a sprinkling of theatricality and a nod to sub-culture.”