Louise Finds Her Inner Dance Idiot

Juncture – Day 20
Saturday 24 March

Louise Ahl (pictured below, second face from left), is one of the participants in The Two Wrongies‘ Comedy Dance workshop today. Here are her thoughts at the end of the day:

Lolling and Lunging

“In contrast to many other dance technique workshops, The Two Wrongies facilitate a workshop that explores that ‘inner dance idiot’ as the programme correctly states. The workshop participants are invited to explore a movement vocabulary freed from external judgement and conventional restraints. From the playful warm-up, to an elaborate synchronised dance sequence in which we discover the range of ‘lunging’, the observer would find a room full of true dance idiots. The idiots praise those movements that we rarely want to share publicly, and pay tribute to banal steps that start from a simple desire to just let go and never look back. This is the kind of dance class everybody should take before they start doing ballet or contemporary dance. This is the kind of dance where playfulness is the core and force of movements. This is the kind of dance where the idiots prove to be geniuses.”

Two Wrongies workshop (c) Andy Wood


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