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Marianne Tuckman - Juncture Young BloggerI’M KNACKERED! Nearly at the end of week 2 of rehearsal period at Northern School of Contemporary Dance which entails very interesting but very long days. Have I got the stamina to stay engaged by the triple bill on the first day of Juncture 2014?

The foyer is full of excited people of varying ages, heights, shapes and backgrounds. Gary Stevens starts the evening with his one-man show, Not Tony. He stays rooted to the spot whilst moving between characters and rooms symbolized by a series of props; hats, a wig, a rubber duck (=bathroom), hair clip, funny beard etc. The list goes on. It was funny at first. His eyes were brilliant as they awkwardly darted around while he stayed stuck next to his table and chairs. The whole thing became tedious and I didn’t feel he utilized the awkward tension that he created. I zoned in and out and he seemed to do the same thing. It finished without a climax.

Lucy Suggate came next with her bizarre but fantastic creation Liquid Gold. It involves a gold unitard and a stylish space age haircut. Lucy filled the electronic soundscape with her captivating movement of hard, muscular treacle… Gaga mixed with break dancing. Sometimes she was internal, other times she shared her pleasure by looking directly at us, making a funny puffed-cheeked face (was she holding her breath?).

My favourite by far was Louise Wallinger’s Annoying the Neighbours. I sound like someone’s great Aunt but SHE WAS A SCREAM! She collected loads of interviews from neighbours, edited them and says the text as she hears them directly in her earphones. ‘There are people that complain about their own alarm clocks.’ She sits down, stands up and holds a clipboard to mark the quick shifts between the eclectic mix of neurotic characters that live on all of our streets. The woman who uses her neighbours garden as an ash tray and ALWAYS WEARS SUNGLASSES. The neighbours who have a bucket-lift between their apartments to send post, raspberries and porn tapes. The racist neighbour who ‘tends to talk in a series of unconnected sentences’. Wallinger’s delivery is complete with every hesitation and nervous giggle. It is vivid and made me giggle.


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