Juncture. Day 2 (and a half).

Wendy Houstoun (c) Berkeley White PhotographyA warm welcome to John Avery in the Tetley space – with the sound echoing out. And another warm welcome to Louise Wallinger. They both seem to be staying in the Budget Ibis (is it possible for an Ibis to be budget? Apparently so.) where I am interested to hear there is a shelf above the bed that serves as a bunk bed for a third person. How quaint.

The Tetley Gallery Project Space leaders – Kerry, Pippa and Zoe – all seem to have endless reserves of energy. As do Riitta and Karoline who, I think, were making headwear in their rooms last night and then set off to Ilkley at 6.30 this morning. I am really hoping they managed to get back to Leeds without needing Amber Cars to guide them back to base.

I also bumped into the ever radiant Rachel Krische – who seems to manage to be able to steer a course at Leeds Met and tour with Siobhan Davies in the very beautiful Table of Contents without any sign of decay.

I don’t think I would normally notice this stuff, but the role of curating is giving  me time to notice the work other people do.

I am, though, still uncertain what kind of behaviour is appropriate to a curator and right now I feel like a cross between a spoiled brat who got given everything they asked for and a foreman at some weird factory where I wander round having a look at what other people are up to.

Tomorrow I get to see: Gary Stevens, Lucy Suggate, Jordi Cortes, Hugo Glendinning… What’s not to like?


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