Jordi Cortés

Jordi CortésDancer and choreographer. Trained in the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona. Performer in the companies Lanònima Imperial, Mudances, Metros, DV8 Physical Theatre, Nigel Charnock, EN-KNAP, National Theatre (London).

In 2003 he joins Alta Realitat with Raül Perales and Ferran Audí. With this company he creates and produces these following works: Happy Hour and Prestidigitaccions (with Teatre Lliure), ÖLELÉS (with Damián Muñoz), Tara – The Frost (with Germana Civera and the TNC), V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (with L’Estruch, Temporada Alta Festival and Mercat de les Flors) and in December 2010, BLACKOUT (with L’Estruch.) He creates his dance solos: Lucky (best performer at Dublin Fringe Festival 2005), Day Dreaming at Dusk and the duo Mat with Artur Villalba. He has also directed with his choreography De Cara and Gran Ecart (the last one with Toni Cots).

He has created pieces for the Avignon Festival: No matter. Try again, Trepverter and Brickskin for Galili Dance Company; L’Espectre de la Rose for Pedro Pawels Dance Company; Fica Ainda for Almada Dance Company, The Last Forecast for Jus de la Vie Company. With Ölelés has been awarded with the Ciutat de Barcelona 2004 Dance Award and the Feria de Huesca 2005 Award for the best dance proposal. His last works include The Seven Deadly Sins by Bertold Brecht in collaboration with Frederic Amat; Mozartnú, in collaboration with Iago Pericot or Pas de Deux Sans Moi, with Charlotta Overhölm.