immigrants and animals

immigrants and animals - Laura Laura Double Penetrationimmigrants and animals (Jamila Johnson-Small and Mira Kautto) have a dual base in London and in Helsinki. Working between these two cities, in countries that both sit at the edge of Europe and are estranged from the mainland in different ways we make work that echoes this estrangement and we feel rooted in neither community. Our work is a continual investigation into how we can present our different female bodies with agency on stage, why we might choose to parade ourselves in-front of a public in the first place and how we might survive the weight of apocalyptic feelings.

We have been working together since 2010 to make dances of resistance that explore the politics and perversities of our casual desires – and those projected onto us – in our research. building ever-more elaborate fantasies from 80s and 90s pop and rock songs. our practice includes meeting somewhere in the world, listening to music together, watching films and tv shows, buying matching shoes, eating, discussing, making crappy films, writing applications and dancing. other times we email. sometimes we skype.. We aim to untangle agendas present in the conventional forms of things for ourselves in order to make dances that no-one else needs to understand that share our tiny, temporary ideas for utopias.