Gary Stevens

From a background in visual arts Gary Stevens has produced solo & ensemble live works, text-based performances and video installations.

The work is simple, challenging, rigorous and funny. The emphasis is on conceptual structures that subvert the body of the performer.

He has worked with a wide range of visual artists, actors, dancers and performers from diverse backgrounds since 1984. The work is seen internationally in galleries, theatres, festivals and public spaces. Recent live works include Ape (2007) where three performers copy one another and build behaviour from a single phrase or gesture. Island (2010) has a group of performers interspersed with the audience. They stand, point out and name one another in a growing fictional network of relationships. Little Systems (2011) is an ensemble where the performers enact a series of subroutines triggered by action within the group. Video installations include: Slow Life (2003) Five images of domestic settings in which the performers move very slowly, confounding a sense of intention and Wake Up and Hide (2007), an interactive video where the on-screen performers are disturbed by the spectators in the gallery. The video installations were commissioned for Matt’s Gallery, London. In September 2012 Gary opened a major solo show at Southampton City Museum and Gallery which included retrospective video works along with two new installations Now and Again: Westgate, Southampton and Containment.

He is currently working on a site-specific work commissioned by Theatre de l’Avant Seine, Colombes in France. Over a period of eight months Gary will be working with a team of local professional artists and volunteer performers during a series of residencies, the resulting performance will première in May 2014. Gary is a lecturer at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL and lives and works in London. Gary is also an Artsadmin Artist.

“Gary Stevens, one of Britain’s most original performers” Art Monthly