Charlotte Vincent

Charlotte Vincent (c) Matthew SimpsonCharlotte Vincent is Artistic Director of Vincent Dance Theatre (VDT) and has been making and touring devised dance theatre work since 1994. VDT make work for middle scale theatres, accompanied by an extensive programme of participation and professional development work.

As Artistic Director / Choreographer of VDT she is regarded as ‘one of the most challengingly theatrical of the UK’s choreographer-directors’ (The Observer).

Charlotte regularly curates and leads research, video and performance projects, mentors emerging practitioners, and choreographs commissioned works for other companies in the UK and abroad. VDT’s work includes text, song and live music as well as theatre and movement and tours extensively in the UK and abroad, most recently to the USA and Canada. Charlotte also creates smaller scale works with anarchic performer Professor Liz Aggiss and writer Doctor Claire Macdonald.

Charlotte teaches extensively at higher education and professional level in the UK and abroad at universities, colleges and dance agencies. She has also led projects extensively in community settings with young offenders, long-term unemployed, women, people with disabilities and people with learning difficulties and has choreographed projects with young people across the UK. She is actively involved in documenting and discussing female-led arts practice through lecturing and online publications and is engaged in mentoring emerging artists and working as a Creative Advisor / Dramaturg on a regular basis.

Charlotte has also choreographed new work for Gravity & Levity (UK), x-IDA Dance Company (Austria), Senza Tempo (Spain), Teeside Dance Initiative (UK), Taipei Crossover Dance (Taiwan), Welsh Independent Dance (UK), Anjali Dance Company with TC Howard (UK) and Cloudgate 2 (Taiwan). In 2012 she has been commissioned by Leeds Canvas to work with Phoenix Dance as part of the Quay Brothers’ OverWorlds & UnderWorlds project.