Candoco Dance Company

Candoco Dance CompanyCandoco Dance Company is the company of disabled and non-disabled dancers, founded in 1991.

Candoco produces excellent and profound experiences for audiences and participants that excite, challenge and broaden perceptions of art and ability, and place people and collaboration at the heart of its work.


Annie Hanauer
(Performer of Miniatures)

Annie grew up dancing in rural Minnesota, then went on to earn a BFA in Dance from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, before moving to London to join Candoco in 2008. In addition to her work with the company, she has performed in works by Bebe Miller, Pat Graney, Michael Sommers, Morgan Thorson and Karen Sherman, among others, and has dabbled in theatre and performance art.

Lea Anderson
(Choreographer of Miniatures)

Lea Anderson MBE is a British choreographer and artistic director. With Teresa Barker and Gaynor Coward, she co-founded The Cholmondeleys and The Featherstonehaughs dance companies, with which she has choreographed over 100 works. The Cholmondeleys and The Featherstonehaughs are two of the foremost contemporary dance companies who have worked in Britain over the past 25 years. Under the artistic direction of Anderson, they have created a distinctive choreographic language that is as defiantly individual as it is recognisable. Original music performed live for all productions and notable collaborations with costume, stage and lighting designers have become defining features of their work. Lea and her companies have also become recognised for outdoor and site specific works, performances in alternative venues such as Glastonbury Festival, work for TV, film and video and an innovative and responsive programme of work with young people. Lea Anderson’s work has been studied from GCSE to post-graduate level.