Nicola Conibere - Assembly (c) Christian Kippby Melanie McCabe
Young Comms Team

Nicola Conibere

If I were to suggest that I nearly drifted to a quiet slumber during this piece it would be both accurate, and not for the reason you may initially think. This work is enchanting, calming, relaxing and, dare I say it, accessible.

In this durational piece, in which audience members are free to come and go as they like, a performer leaves, or enters, when an audience member does. It makes for a fluid, malleable work… one that actually puts the control in the audience member, not the performer. There was a moment in which I felt the audience was on the precipice of leaving but wanted to hold the control. The room seemed to be filled with anticipation…

The work was pedestrian, but not forced… that’s what was perhaps so calming. The easy connection between the two groups. A relaxed smile and easy eye contact. You felt together, as one, but not necessarily charged with energy and electricity, but instead a warming feeling.

This ‘assembly’ of audience and performers simply made you feel… lovely.

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