About Juncture

Wendy Houstoun (c) Berkeley White Photography“Juncture was first curated for Yorkshire Dance by Charlotte Vincent in an initiative designed to bring new work, professional development, critical debate and innovative performance practice to Yorkshire.

“In her own statement from last year Charlotte says she chose artists who were “quiet anarchists, searching for an appropriate language to say what they need to say.”

“I would say that holds true for this year too, although perhaps, this time, some of the anarchists are not quite so quiet.

“As a first-time curator I blissfully ignored practicalities and went for a kind of dream list of makers, performers, writers and talkers who all inspire and intrigue me.

“In all of them I find a clarity and integrity of purpose, a deep connection to their material and the way it relates to an audience.

“Among the artists are long term inspirations (Jordi Cortés, Hugo Glendinning, John Avery, Vivien Wood), work influences (Gary Stevens, Grace Surman), brief collisions with the hope for more (Nicole Beutler, Robert M. Hayden, Louise Wallinger) and granted wishes (Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth).

“In a selfish way it is going to give me the chance to start or continue a conversation with them but I am really very much hoping it is a conversation that includes you. Because, of course, without you it is just not the same.”

Wendy Houstoun
Curator, Juncture 2014


Juncture is an initiative, developed by Yorkshire Dance in collaboration with choreographer Charlotte Vincent, to bring new work, professional development, critical debate and innovative performance practice to Yorkshire.

The programme aims to stimulate the practice and thinking of established practitioners and emerging artists across Yorkshire, develop new audiences for ground-breaking contemporary dance in Yorkshire and support the artistic and curatorial practice of the lead artist and collaborators involved.

As well as the spaces within the Yorkshire Dance building, we have worked with Hyde Park Picture House, The Tetley, Northern School of Contemporary Dance and the Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre to present some of the performances in this programme.

The professional development aspect of this project is designed to make a significant impact on the most promising young artists working in the region; those with the potential to develop their voice to make a significant contribution to the development of dance, either nationally or regionally.