A Quiet Investigation

Juncture 2016 - Young Comms Team - Fran Dowdall (c) Yorkshire Danceby Fran Dowdall
Young Comms Team

We Know That Everybody Dances

a workshop with Nicola Conibere

Alone yet collectively we moved together, exploring the space, exploring ourselves and exploring one another. A quiet investigation.

Put quite beautifully by a fellow workshop participant, the experience of working with Nicola was ‘generous’. Our generosity as a group to create, organise and dismantle.

We were made aware of our bodies. Our presence in the space, and the impact and imprint when we leave. Creating whole group structures we took the time to understand our bodies’ needs. Understanding our relationship to the movement, however not being afraid to abandon it all and start again.

The workshop caught me off guard, showing how strongly we can relate to other bodies, bodies that are not made up of the same codified language as ours. Bodies that do not share the same voice and are instead confronted by a language barrier.

Her Juncture performance of Assembly promises to host these qualities and explore the personal connections between performers and spectators, generously giving just as she did throughout her workshop. Creating, organising and dismantling we transformed alone yet collectively.

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