A post-verbatim thought

Louise Wallinger - Annoying the Neighbours (c) Karen Scott Photographyps re Louise Wallinger‘s Annoying the Neighbours: I know she did a workshop yesterday which I couldn’t drop in on. I spoke to Sophie Unwin (who one week from tonight will be one of Wendy Houstoun’s Stupid Women) about it, as she did partake of it,¬†and she said LW-style verbatim theatre is kinda hard to do.

This reminded me that I did think during LW’s performance that she’s quite practiced at reproducing the words and rhythms of the speakers to whom she is listening via iPod as she stands in front of us. I wonder what that rehearsed quality means in terms of the spontaneity of her delivery. I mean, why not just learn it all by heart? (I am playing devil’s advocate here.)

I also wonder what arises if you have more than one performer wired up for verbatim and in dialogue with each other, but I guess this LW and/or others have done…

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